I'm a software engineer mainly interested with working in startups, crafting great products and services, and designing APIs and complex system architectures. My skills include (but are not limited to) Ruby / Rails, PHP, Javascript / Node.js, Go, Elasticsearch, Redis, SQL databases, Amazon Web Services, and other nice things. Though, as I'm always hungry to learn new stuff, I'm trying my best to be a polyglot developer and adapt myself to the various technologies that cross my journey.

I'm currently based in London, working as Lead Backend Engineer at Once Dating, working on API development and backend architecture, using different services and softwares to achieve high scalability and reliability of the backend (6M users, 80k req/s at busy times).

Previously, I worked as full-stack web engineer for the classifields department of Rocket Internet, operating on the African market, and as a web developer for a couple of web agencies.

I studied Multimedia and Web development at Gobelins, l'école de l'image, in Paris.